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Dark-Host.com is a unique reseller hosting and web design business run out of New Jersey. Its clientelle is centered on those sites of a quirky origin and who generally raise eyebrows. The hostees here are the thought-provokers, the button-pushers and the style-innovators of the world wide web.

Free and paid hosting packages of all sizes are available, with a setup fee of just $10. Any size webdesign package is also available, tailored especially to fit your needs.

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operat Important Announcement (6/28/09):
Due to a system upgrade, we are now able to offer our hosting packages at tgtales

their original size! All current hostees have automatically been upgraded to enjoy our new space accommodations without sacrificing the individual support you've come to love. Not a Darkling yet? Get hosted with Dark Host starting at just $1/mo. with no ads EVER!

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Attention Geocities Webmasters!
If you're looking for a place to go now that Yahoo! is shutting down their free hosting, look no further than Dark Host. Check out our tech support forum for more details.

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